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Brema Self Contained Ice Maker, TB1405A – Cubes – 140kg/day – 50kg Storage Bin

The new Brema TB Series TB1405A Pebble Ice Maker produces 140kg per day of unique multipurpose ice pebbles with 50kg of internal ice storage. Whether its blended up in a morning smoothie, served to chill champagne during lunchtime, or paired with a cocktail through to the early hours of the morning, pebble ice is truly the chameleon of the catering world.


$80.34 +GST per week
Based on 12 Month Contract, Conditions Apply


Brema Ice Makers TB1405A – Pebble Ice Maker with Internal Storage Bin – Up To 140kg Production – 50kg Storage.

  • Clearances:Rear: 100 mm, Sides: 100 mm

  • Electromechanical operation that does not use Printed Circuit Boards
  • Hospital grade stainless steel exterior and interior that never rusts or corrodes
  • Air cooling system is rated at 21°C ambient and 15°C water
  • Unique design that couples auger and ice extruder components

  • Comes with its own water filter & pressure limiting valve, saving you over $300;
  • 21°C ambient and 15°C water ratings give an accurate production average for the Australian climate;
  • Unique design relies on extremely low running costs both in water and electricity;
  • A mix of granular and cube ice, pebble ice can be used for drink service or food presentation;
  • Easily blended ice meaning quicker drinks service and less energy expenditure;

Brema Ice Makers-TB1405A – Pebble Ice Maker with Internal Storage Bin – Up To 140kg Production – 50kg Storage Specifications


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