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Zanussi EVO700 372096, 400mm Bain Marie

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The Zanussi EVO700 372096 is a 400mm Bain Marie designed for countertop installation, suitable for mounting on open base cupboards, bridging supports, or cantilever systems. The Bain Marie utilizes incoloy armoured heating elements beneath the well’s base, seamlessly welded water basin, and manual refill capability. The water temperature is controlled by a thermostat with a maximum value of 90 °C, and the basin can be drained through a front tap. With all major compartments at the front for easy maintenance, the unit features Stainless Steel exterior panels with Scotch Brite finishing, a one-piece pressed 1.5 mm Stainless Steel worktop, and right-angled side edges for flush fitting joints between units, reducing gaps and potential dirt traps.


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Zanussi EVO700 372096, 400mm Bain Marie

  • Suitable for countertop installation.
  • Unit to be mounted on open base cupboards, bridging supports or cantilever systems.
  • Bain Marie used for keeping cooked food at serving temperatures using hot water.
  • Incoloy armoured heating elements positioned beneath the base of the well.
  • Water basin is seamlessly welded into the top of the appliance.
  • Filling water level is plate-marked on the side of the well.
  • Unit to feature manual refill of well.
  • Water temperature controlled by thermostat with maximum temperature value of 90 °C.
  • Basin drained by tap on the front of the machine.
  • All major compartments located in front of unit for ease of maintenance.
  • All exterior panels in Stainless Steel with Scotch Brite finishing.
  • One piece pressed 1.5 mm work top in Stainless steel.
  • Model has right-angled side edges to allow flush fitting joints between units, eliminating gaps and possible dirt traps.

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