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Blue Seal Sapiens EC1011RSDW, 10 x 1/1GN Combi Oven Steamer with Manual Control

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The Blue Seal Sapiens EC1011RSDW is an advanced 10 x 1/1GN combi oven steamer designed for professional kitchens. Operating on electric three-phase power, this oven offers a compact 510mm width and a generous 10 x 1/1 GN tray capacity with a 60mm shelf distance. Featuring manual controls with pre-heating capability and an electronic thermostat ranging from 30°C to 300°C, it ensures precise temperature control. The electric direct steam version, multipoint core temperature probe, and a two-speed fan with auto-reversing fan rotation contribute to its advanced cooking capabilities. With over 90 preset recipe programs and 99 free programs, the 2.4 LCD-TFT color display with a rapid selection scroller knob makes operation user-friendly and adaptable. The oven includes features such as AUTOCLIMA for automatic venting, Fast-Dry for quick dehumidification, a hand shower for easy cleaning, and the Automatic LCS (Liquid Clean System) with CombiClean liquid cleanser. ECOVAPOR and ECOSPEED functionalities ensure automatic steam control and optimized energy delivery for maintaining the correct cooking temperature. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB connection enhances connectivity for convenient data transfer and management. Overall, the Blue Seal Sapiens EC1011RSDW stands as a technologically advanced and versatile solution for professional culinary environments, offering efficiency and flexibility.


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Blue Seal Sapiens EC1011RSDW, 10 x 1/1GN Combi Oven Steamer with Manual Control

  • Electric three phase power output
  • 10 x 1/1 GN Tray capacity
  • Shelf distance 60mm
  • Compact 510mm wide
  • Manual controls, pre-heating
  • Electric direct steam version
  • Electronic thermostat 30C
  • 300C
  • Multipoint core temperature probe
  • LED HVS (High Visibility System) alphanumeric display
  • Two speed fan with auto-reversing fan rotation
  • Over 90 preset recipe programs
  • 99 free programs with up to 9 cycles in automatic sequence
  • 2.4 LCD-TFT colour display with rapid selection scroller knob
  • AUTOCLIMA with automatic vent
  • Fast-Dry, quick dehumidification of the cooking chamber
  • Hand shower included
  • Automatic LCS (Liquid Clean System) with CombiClean liquid cleanser
  • automatic control of the steam saturation in the cooking chamber
  • oven optimises and controls the delivery of energy to maintain correct cooking temperature
  • USB connection

Blue Seal Sapiens EC1011RSDW, 10 x 1/1GN Combi Oven Steamer with Manual Control Specifications


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